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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

30 Before 30 List

My 30 Before 30 List

  1. Try snowboarding.
  2. Join a recreational sports team.
  3. Go see a movie at the movie theater by myself.
  4. Eat at a restaurant by myself.
  5. Write in a journal every day for a month.
  6. Find a cause I am passionate about and get involved.
  7. Educate myself about politics so I can intelligently and effectively defend my political beliefs.
  8. Volunteer at Agape Therapeutic Riding Center.
  9. Learn to ice skate (more specifically, learn to stop without running into the wall of the ice rink).
  10. Buy 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets.
  11. Dress up for Halloween (as an adult, Halloween is my least favorite holiday, so I have not dressed up for Halloween since I was a child).
  12. Learn to drive a stick shift.
  13. Be able to run two miles without stopping.
  14. Travel somewhere I have never been.
  15. Visit my maternal grandmother's grave in Evansville, Indiana (the only time I have been to my grandmother's grave was at her funeral, so I have not seen her headstone).
  16. Take the GRE and decide whether or not to apply for graduate school.
  17. Learn basic German.
  18. Attend the 2010 NCAA Men's Frozen Four at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.
  19. Have a cookie-baking weekend.
  20. Spend an entire day (24 hours) with my cell phone turned off.
  21. Get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner.
  22. Go on a carriage ride in downtown Indianapolis. (For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go on one of these carriage rides, and I have always said the first man to take me on one was the man I was going to marry. Seeing as how I am nearing thirty and I have never been married, I figured it was time to take destiny into my own hands.)
  23. Tour the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis.
  24. Donate blood.
  25. Take ballroom dancing lessons or swing dancing lessons.
  26. Learn to bake madeleines.
  27. Hold a conversation with a stranger.
  28. Attend the Circle of Lights Festival in Indianapolis.
  29. Mail out Christmas cards in time for the cards to arrive BEFORE Christmas. (Every year I buy Christmas cards, and every year the cards never get mailed out. I have quite a vast collection of Christmas cards, and cards for every other holiday for that matter, in my greeting card box.)
  30. Make a new friend (one not connected to someone I already know).


Liam said...

1. I tried skiing once... went up the hill... went down the hill... didn't learn enough to actually turn. Didn't really care for it. Then again I don't like snow, so that's an issue.

2. This is actually fun... and easy... there's tons of leagues out there...

3 & 4 aren't that much fun... Although if you do 4... bring a book or something, else the waiters will constantly ask you if you want to wait for your eating companion.

5. That's what my blog is for.

6. I think I've found that one...

7. I got my degree in History and Political Science so... if you have any questions hollar.

8. My daughter went to Theraplay up in Carmel... both are great causes.

9. I've ice skated once. On Christmas Day at Rockefeller Plaza... and yeah I need to learn to stop too.

10. Personally I tried satin sheets... they're nice.

11. I have a thing about not dressing up for Halloween... long story.

12. My parents forced me to learn to drive first using a stick.

13. I want to run the Mini one day... but first I have to get the motivation up to actually train.

14. Well that's easy... have you ever been to... Oh let's say Poughkeepsie NY? you're not missing much BTW.

15. I'd love to visit my grandparents' graves in Ireland... but then again I'd love to visit Ireland in general.

16. I'll second that one. That's a great one.

17. I tried to learn German... but I took 4 years of Spanish in HS, so every time I tried to think in German the Spanish word came to mind. I dropped the class after like 5 weeks. I did spend a few weeks a year in Germany with the Army... and now I can order a beer and soup.

18. That's a good one too. While you're there go to Joe Louis Arena and see the Red Wings play. There's not a bad seat in the place.

19. Another easy one... invite the "girls" over and have a slumber party or whatever girls do...

20. I lost my cell phone recently. Someone called my home on it asking me if I'd lost it and if there was a reward for finding it. Uhhh... no! Gimme back my damn phone! They didn't.

21. I'd recommend the sirloin tips in mushroom and wine sauce. ;)

22. It's nice... just do it sometime when it's warm... it's nicer then.

23. I'd like to tour that too... while you're there tour the World War Memorial across the street. Don't miss the Shrine Room at the top.

24. Another easy one... even better donate plasma and get paid for it.

25. I did that once. I'm not a good dancer. Even with classes.

26. I'd have to change that to learn what the heck madeleines are.

27. I can do that great online... in person I'm much more reserved.

28. I've had friends go to it and almost universally they've said "never again"... too many people just smashed into the small space.

29. hahahahaha... oh yeah ok that's a good goal for me!

30. Seen #27.

Carolyn said...

YEAH! How fun is your list! I am going to follow you on your list, if that's ok...we will be on the same mission!

Eating out and going to movies buy myself are two of my favorite things to do. It's so liberating.

Becky said...

#3 & 4 I've always been too embarrassed to go out by myself, silly as it seems.

#12 I need to do this, seeing as how I actually own a stick shift and can't drive it. Pathetic!

#20 I've done this several times. It actually feels great!

#22 I've always wanted to do this too! There's a restaurant in Louisville that always have carriages outside waiting for guests. Unfortunately, my husband has yet to suggest it, so I'm still waiting.

#30 Really wish this was easier for me to do, but I'm too quiet. Moving 6 hours away from everyone I know hasn't made it any easier.

Really enjoyed your list! It's good to have goals!

DDWWeb said...
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